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The Warriors are a five piece kick arse band led by original "Last Resort" vocalist Saxby. Hailing from the South East, The Warriors were formed in late 1981 out of the ashes of 'The Last Resort' they have been through a number changes over the years, the current line-up is: Saxby – vocals, Konrad – Bass, Chris – Drums and Mark - Guitar


They have toured across Europe and the US in recent years and in August made a welcome return to the Rebellion festival in Blackpool.Their latest album 'Operation Oi' is available now, as is a healthy back catalogue.


Geoffrey Oi!Cott Freddie Skintoff - vocals, WC Disgrace AKA The Umpire - guitar, Garfield Rarely Sobers - bass, Jockie Wisden – drums and The Dickie Birds - backing troupe, fluffing, great top order. They make up this unique Cricket Punk Oi! Band !!


Prisoners of War UK Punk Band based in the East Midlands, featuring Dean Young (Lead Vocals), Staz Stallard (Guitars & Vocals), Dally (Bass & Vocals) and Fungi (Drums & Vocals).


Murdaball Hybrid - Oi, Skin, Punk with a bit Hardcore - not for the faint-heated! Energetic frontman Jimi is joined by Dan, Wayne, Craig and Rob. Aggressive music - FAST AND LOUD.




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