sunday 4th​ February


kid klumsy


The event



Kid Klumsy featuring from DIRT BOX DISCO. Heading down from Coalville to sing silly songs about monkeys, chickens and boobs!

Death to Indie are a devastating 4-piece Punk based band from the North East of England. Hi energy, fast paced, powerful punk, blazing a trail towards becoming one of the best punk bands in the UK.


Suckerpunch !!  Punk Rock bastards. Birmingham, England. . Nuff sed !!

The MacGregors from Essex, In your face rock n roll maelstrom......

5 Go Mad Pompey based punk band, UK82 styley with a couple of curve balls thrown in.

Compered by Chris Heath Mr Badaxe himself!



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the Macgregors


5 Go mad


abuse your confusion tour


compared by "mr badaxe" chris heath


death to indie