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In 1976 Punk exploded onto the scene with the likes of The Sex Pistols, Damned, Clash, Siouxsie in the UK & New York Dolls & Ramones etc in USA.

Over the years it has had many different sub genre's Anarcho Punk, Oi/Street Punk, Horror Punk, Ska Punk, Celtic Punk, Hardcore Punk, Pop Punk, Pyschobilly. The list goes on but all have their place and all fly under the banner of Punk Rock!


2015 saw  us put on over 40 different bands of most of these genre's and in 2016, 40 years since the emergence of punk, we managed the same again with over 40 bands ranging from old school established acts, brilliant newcomers and top tributes plus the return of some favourites too !

Most of these bands have either played some of the biggest Punk festivals around before, or after playing our venue!

Can we do it again in 2017? With over 20 bands already booked to halfway through the year, things are looking good! So check out the site, the bands, and most of all the events! Punks not dead, keep it alive!


Also we're now booking for other venues:

Punk / Mod / Ska / Indie & Rock. Any venues interested please use the email at the bottom of the page. Any bands interested in being in our contacts list for available gigs (no charge) get in touch too and if gigs come available for your genre/area we will contact you for your availability.

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December 8th 2017

The Unlimited Xmas Punk Party

​All your favourite Punk tunes from local lads Seventy Seven, Certificate X, The Strays & Bank Holiday Jez

gallery/mully a
gallery/mully a

February 4th 2018

The "Abuse Your Confusion" Tour

​Kid Klumsy, Suckerpunch, Death to Indie, The Macgregors and 5 Go Mad

gallery/tramlines 2
gallery/mully a

March 3rd 2018

The Warriors, Geoffrey Oi!Cott, Prisoners of War & Murdaball 

gallery/mully a

February 10th 2018

Hung Like Hanratty, The Septic Psychos and 3 Stone Monkey